Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thursday, 30 October / EKBY - Thessaloniki

The announcement :

In the frame of the three-year ‘Action plan on management issues of Natural Environment’ and more specifically in the frame of Action ‘Training Program’ of the Ministry of Environment, Planning & Public Works, the realization of which has been undertaken by the Greek Biotope / Wetland Centre (Goulandris Natural History Museum), the seminar ‘Environmental Licensing in Protected Areas’ was held on the 30th of October 2008 in the building of the Greek Biotope / Wetland Centre in Thessaloniki. The aim of the seminar is the briefing of executives of services of administration in subjects that concern the environmental licensing in protected areas, aiming at the formulation of in common criteria to encounter. Participants would be executives of administration of whom the work is related directly or indirectly with the environmental licensing.

The programme:

- Environmental Licensing in Natura 2000 areas /Stavroula Vanikioti, Management of Natural Environment Department - Ministry of Environment, Planning & Public Works

Specifications and processes for the approval of Environmental Impact Assessments & Estimation of impacts for tourism installations / Rebeka Mpatmanogloy, General Environmental Issues Department - Ministry of Environment, Planning & Public Works

Special Spatial Planning for Industry / Lena Karka, Spatial Planning Department - Ministry of Environment, Planning & Public Works

Estimate of impacts from hydroelectric dams / M. Koutrakis, Fisheries Research Institute - National Agricultural Research Foundation

Estimate of impacts in the environment from road works and compensatory measures & Protection of the wild fauna in the frame of manufacture and operation of road works / Thalia Valkoyma, EGNATIA ROAD S.A.

My question had to do with the SPA ‘DELTA AXIOU-LOUDIA-ALIAKMONA-ALYKI KITROUS’ that includes the wetland of Kalochori, a region in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki.

a) Stavroula Vanikioti said that the Ministry has sent the list of the Hellenic SPA’s to the European Union and that there will be an adoption of them as has already happened with the Commission’s Decision of 19 July 2006 adopting, pursuant to Council Directive 92/43/EEC, the list of sites of Community importance for the Mediterranean biogeographical region [Official Journal of the European Union L 259/1, 21.9.2006, pp.1–104]

b) As a reply to my saying that at this time the region is planned to be part of the General Town Planning both Rebeka Mpatmanogloy & Lena Karka said that this can happen.

After all it was just a training programme ... to formulate common criteria for the encounter of problems related to environmental licencing in protected areas ...
* more info:

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Monday, 6 October to Wednesday, 8 October 2008, Bitola and surrounding areas / FYROM

Arrive late Monday evening to contribute in what was formally called: ‘LEARNING PARTNERSHIP – FROM REGION TO REGION – PART II’. A visit to the neighbouring country after an invitation from BIOSFERA BITOLA (info: and my friend Neshad.

My stay there had everything: small sightseeing in Bitola, Meeting with Emilia Dimitrovska, PR of the Municipality of Bitola (info:, visit to Prespa and have lunch in Professor’s house, go along the west side of the big lake Prespa, visit St. Naum, visit the Ohrid region and lake, walk around Volvox and speak about many wonderful ideas for cooperation along with the German colleagues, Ludmila Wieczorek (, Heike Markus Michalczyk ( and Silvia Schubert (

The call is open for cooperation!

The photos are a courtesy of Ludmila Wieczorek

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Tuesday, 23 September to Saturday, 4 October 2008 / Nord-Ostsee Deutschland

Summer School: ‘Coastal Seas under Pressure’ -

PART I - Tuesday, 23 September to Saturday, 27 September / Lauenburg – Germany

…at Die Jugendherberge Lauenburg:

23/9 Arrival / Goetz Floser, GKSS ‘Welcome in Lauenburg’

24/9 Geology Day

Kay – Christian Emeis, UH – Institute fur Biogeochemie und Meereschemie & ZMAW ‘A short (?) and eventful history of the Baltic Sea

Self-presentation of students I

Paul Overduin, AWI ‘Reactions of the Arctic Coast to Climate Change’

Jeremy Lloyd, UD ‘Climate Change signals in Arctic Sediments’

25/9 Physical Oceanography Day

Friedhelm Schroeder, GKSS ‘Ferry Box’*

Friedwart Ziemer, GKSS ‘Radar for Current and Seastate measurements’

Wolfgang Schonfeld, GKSS ‘Remote Sensing of coastal waters’

Goetz Floser, GKSS ‘Tour through GKSS’

Canoeing at Elbe River


26/9 Chemical and Oil Pollution in Coastal and Marine Systems Day

Ralf Ebinghaus, GKSS ‘The problem of persistent pollution - introduction and experimental approaches’

Armin Aulinger, GKSS ‘The problem of persistent pollution - statistical and modeling approaches’

Detlef Schulz-Bull, IOW ‘Chemical Pollutants in the Baltic Sea, occurrence and distribution’

Doris Schiedek, NERI ‘Oil and Gas in the Arctic’*

Veronika Hellwig, GKSS ‘Impact of contaminants on marine mammals’

Evening concert: IRISH FOLK Tom Monaghan, Helena Floser

* Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme / Arctic Council – Oil & Gas Assessment:

PART II - Saturday, 27 September to Saturday, 4 October / BüsumGermany

Settled at Haus Möwenschrei:

Having dinner at Die Jugendherberge Buesum (avoid it!)

Bicycling (^) everyday…

27/9 Visit to Multimar Wattforum, Tonning

28/9 Terp et al. Day

Dirk Meyer, FTZ ‘Büsumer Freilicht-Deichmuseum* & settlement history of Dithmarschen’

Klaus Ricklefs, FTZ ‘Trip to Friedrichstadt Eidersperrwerk, Tonning’


29/9 Energy Day (Klaus Vanselow, FTZ - Klaus Ricklefs, FTZ & Goetz Floser, GKSS)

Visit to WIND TEST Company

Visit to RWE DEA*

Visit to Seehundstation Friedrichskoog**

*RWE DEA - Dieksand Land Station

**Seehundstation Friedrichskoog

30/9 Nutrients & Biology Day

Justus van Beusekom, AWI ‘Decadal changes in nutrient supply and primary production in the North and Wadden Sea

Günther Nausch, IOW ‘Nutrient concentrations, trends and their relation to eutrophication in the Baltic Sea’*

Ulrich Bathmann, AWI ‘Ecosystem shifts in Polar Regions due to climate change’

Self-presentation of students II

* State and Evolution of the Baltic Sea, 1952-2005: A Detailed 50-Year Survey of Meteorology and Climate, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Marine Environment (

01/10 Biology in the North & Baltic Sea Day

Ragnhild Asmus, AWI ‘Ecosystems in the Coastal Zone - global and regional aspects’

Andreas Baer, UK ‘Aquaculture’

Klaus Ricklefs, FTZ ‘Geological History of the Wadden Sea

Visit to Sudfall – FTZ Research vessel

02/10 Ecosystem Modelling Day

Carole Lebreton, GKSS ‘Ecosystem Modelling: Basics’

Carole Lebreton, GKSS ‘Ecological Modelling: Exercises’*

Jian Su, GKSS ‘Optimizing coastal ecosystem models: a case study in the German Bight’

Hermann Lenhart, ZMAW Hamburg ‘The European Regional Seas ecosystem model (ERSEM)’

Wilfried Kuhn, ZMAW Hamburg ‘Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in the North Sea – a study using the ecosystem model ECOHAM’

Hermann Lenhart, ZMAW Hamburg ‘Ecosystem Modelling in Relation to Eutrophication’

Wilfried Kuhn, ZMAW Hamburg ‘Modelling Larvae Growth and Dispersion’

* Scilab:


Goetz Floser, GKSS – GKSS ICON: Integrated Coastal Observational Network*

Stefanie Maack, IOW ‘ICZM role play’

Barbecue and goodbye party


04/10 Departure

We: Jay Anand, Sajmir Beqiraj, Jan Busch, Sami Domisch, Daniela Henkel, Magdalene Kempa, Roberta Malavenda, Nima Moin, Christina Müller, Corneila Plagge, Rajesh Kumar Ranjan, Cem Senduran, Alessio Soria, Nadeshda Tondorova, Ingo Weinberg, Christina Kontaxi


GKSS - GKSS Research Centre (info:

FTZ - Research and Technology Centre Westcoast (info:

AWI - Alfred-Wegener Institute for Marine and Polar Research (info:

IOW - Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde / Institut für Ostseeforschung Warnemünde (info:

NERI / DMU - Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser (info:

ZMAW - Zentrum für Marine und Atmosphärische Wissenschaften (info:

UH –Hamburg University (info:

UK – University Kiel (info:

UD - Durham University - UK (info: