Sunday, 12 August 2007

Friday, 20 July to Wednesday, 7 August 2007 / Olympos Karpathou / Greece

Summer volunteer work program in Northern Karpathos Island (… or being more precise in Olympos of Karpathos Island & Saria Island!)

Organized by the MEDITERRANEAN SOS Network (info: accepting the invitation of the Management Agency of Karpathos & Saria*
19 days on the northern most part of Karpathos Island & not to forget on Saria Island! A lot of pathways, a lot of beach cleaning & a little bit of help on the Management Agency Office! I must thank both groups of volunteers: A΄ group (24/7/07 - 31/7/07): Anna, Eleni, Maria, Nikos & Theofilos / B΄ group (31/7/07 - 7/8/07): Laura, Poppy & Stamatis … and of course many many thanks to Despina - Eleni - Foula - George - Manolis - Ntinos the human chain responsible for the protection of the area. Lots of thanks to people in Diafani. Some ideas, projects etc were left aside, maybe because I always need a reason to go back…

* (Management Agency of the Northern Karpathos, Saria and the surrounding marine area / NATURA 2000 Network – code GR4210003)

photos are courtesy of Laura Tapini & Christina Kontaxi