Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Friday, 25 October to Saturday 27 October 2007 / Budapest - Hungary

Euro-Med seminar «The role of youth participation and civil society in youth policy and youth work development in the broader Euro-Med Context» organised in the framework of the Partnership on Youth between the Council of Europe and the European Commission and in co-operation with the League of Arab States between the 24-27 October 2007 at the European Youth Center Budapest of Council of Europe (http://www.eycb.coe.int/)
Nawaf AlMaskati / Bahrain - Bahrain Child Centre
http://www.bahrainchild.org/ & Bahrain Youth Parliament http://www.byp.bh/
Abdullah Abdulsalam Al-Thawr / Yemen – Democracy School
Maya Georges Boutros / Lebanon - Arab Thought Foundation http://www.arabthought.org/
Rasha Fityan / Palestine - Ta'awon, Conflict Resolution Institute
http://www.taawon4youth.org/ & http://www.youthmediator.org/
Roa'a Khudairi / Jordan - Save the Children www.savethechildren.org/countries/middle_east_eurasia/jordan.asp
Mohamed Yassein Hussein / Egypt - Youth-led group 3rd Eye initiative http://youthinheart.net/
Sarah Zaami / Morocco - Soliya
Amin Zayani / Tunisia (Egypt) – Blogger http://www.7keyet-bouha.blogspot.com/
Foued El Ouni / Tunisia - Observatoire National de la jeunesse
Khalil Raihani / France (& Morocco) - Association Migration Solidarité et Échanges pour le Développement (AMSED)
Natalia Sacristian Romero / Spain - Asociacion para la Integracion Progreso de las Culturas (AIPC) – PANDORA http://www.aipc-pandora.org/
Cilly Kurkhaus / Germany - Youth office of the city of Leipzig http://www.leipzig.de/jugendamt/
Esther Gelabert / France (& Spain) - Institut National de la Jeunesse et de l’ Education Populaire (INJEP)
Gisele Kirby / UK - SALTO Euro-Med
Simona Rossi / Italy - MSOI Movement for the International Student Organization http://www.msoi.org/
Emmy Bornemark / Sweden – Ungdomsstyrelsen – The Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs http://www.ungdomsstyrelsen.se
Fredrik Engstrom / Sweden - Landsrådet för Sveriges Ungdomsorganisationer (LSU)
Simon Klein / Sweden - Umea Central Youth Council, Umea Municipality
Johan Lindgren / Sweden - Youth Ombudsman, Umea Municipality
Tiberiu Iacomi / Romania - Save the children
Borislava Daskalova / Bulgaria - Euro-Mediterranean Network for Youth Trafficking Prevention (EMNYTP) http://www.youth-trafficking.net
Zoran Ilieski / FYROM - Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA http://www.sega.org.mk/
Ali-Oktay KOC / Turkey - At European Youth Centre Budapest
Christina Kontaxi / Greece - Mediterranean SOS Network http://www.medsos.gr/

Speakers & Guests
Dr Atef Odaybat / Secretary General of the Supreme Youth Council in Jordan
Dr Iman El Kafas / Board Member of National Youth Council of Egypt
H.E. Nancy Bakir / Under Secretary General of the League of Arab States
Antje Rothemund / Executive Director of the European Youth Centre Budapest
Giuseppe Porcaro / European Youth Forum
Dr Abdel Baset Abdel Muty / Egypt
Dr Helmut Willems / Luxemburg University
Rui Gomes / Head of Unit Education and Training, Directorate of Youth and Sport, Council of Europe
Yara Shahin / Egypt

Preparatory Group
Khaled Louhini, Ghada El Shazly, Haythem Kamel / League of Arab States
Marta Medlinska, Philipp Boetzelen, Viktoria Karpatska, Hans-Joachim Schild / Partnership on Youth between the Council of Europe & the European Commission
http://www.coe.int/euromed & http://www.youth-knowledge.net
Iris Bawidamann / Council of Europe - European Youth Centre Strasbourg

Thursday, 24 October 2007 / Budapest – Hungary

It was about 6 o’clock in the afternoon, opposite the Synagogue in Budapest city centre (Pest), when the traffic lights became red and these two girls stood in front of the cars. Use public transportation instead using your car, an advertisement of the public transportation company.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007 / Bucharest - Romania

Campaign in Romania “Don’t cut the trees as (if you were all alone, a savage) in the forest” in order to raise awareness on the massive cutting of trees in Romania. As part of the project “Trees are also crying” banners are put on the trees in Bucharest city centre. The banners are clothes put around the trees (black as for a funeral) as if the trees are mourning for their relatives from different parts of Romania which are no longer alive because there are cut down!

Picture on the left: We are complaining about the extinct of our relatives from Harghita.
Picture on the right: Mourn for the disappearing of our friends from Carpati Mountains.

Find out more in the campaign’s blog (in Romanian) at http://padureaeinpom.wordpress.com/. This article would never be posted without the help of my Romanian friend Ana-Maria Saracu, who translated the messages on the trees from Romanian to English and provided me with the story of the campaign and the blog of it. Thank you very much Ana – Maria!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Thursday, 4 October to Tuesday, 9 October 2007 / Brasov - Romania

International training “All different – But together” supporting networking and co-operation between youth organizations and individuals, from South – Eastern Europe (Council of Europe – European Youth Foundation). Organized by Initiative Group Alpbach Brasov (info: Initiative Group Alpbach Brasov - http://www.alpbach.org/index.php?id=377) and Roxana Andrei, Alexandru Ailiesiei, Ana-Maria Saracu, Laura Coste, Nikos Gkiatas, Andrei Trofin, Mirce, Aida

An international training about networking and co-operation in a fragile region of the world! First time with people from all over the Balkans, first opportunity to co-operate and support future actions with my neighbors, for me was an experience. A lot of future projects were discussed one of those being: LET’S BALKANIZE! Why using the word balkanize to describe division and not unity as it was originally used? If you are interested join us: http://letsbalkanize.blogspot.com/

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Jasmina Colic (Peace builders) & Jelena Mocevic
Bulgaria: Peruz Egikyan, Sevdana Docheva & Mariya Peeva
Croatia: Marina Kolar (info: Udruga Zora - http://www.udrugazora.hr/), Vedrana Klaric & Marina Zadro (Udruga Mozaik)
Cyprus: Hakan Karahasan (info: POST Research Institute -
FYROM: Ognen Janeski
Greece: Christina Kontaxi
Kosovo: Agron Parduzi & Artan Visoka (info: Kosova Servas)
Catalin Mihailescu (info: Youth of the 21 century - http://www.tineriisesecolului21.ro)
Serbia: Marko Ivanovic, Nikola Koruga & Nevena Gojkovic
Turkey: Bilge Filiz

The photo is a courtesy of Initiative Group Alpbach Brasov