Monday, 16 July 2007

Saturday, 7 July to Saturday, 14 July 2007 / Estonia

Training Course 'Young & active citizenship' (EC Youth Programme, Action 4),

A training where we shared knowledge and were trained as youth workers and/or leaders in youth organizations. We shared our experiences and gained knowledge about youth project management. New contacts were also established. Moreover we developed common project ideas in the field of the new program Youth in Action. Through workshops, debates, discussion and study visit we established an environment in which we got the opportunity to develop ourselves as individuals and as a group. Thanks a lot!

Aki Nummelin, Finland -
Anna Ageberg, Sweden - &
Karol Rudny & Tomasz Starzyk, Poland -
Izabela Szmit, Poland -
Adrian Rodriguez & Sonia Iglesias, Spain – celtas terrae
Milos Christian Gabriel, Rumenia - &
Eugenia Barbu & Andreea Ionescu, Rumenia -
Gianandrea Salvestrin, Italy - &
Riina Aljas, Estonia – MTÜ Kavandi Kandi Selts
Lilian Väster, Estonia – & Leisi VARKS
Christina Kontaxi, Greece -

Peter Keijzer, the Netherlands -
Ingrid Põldemaa & Ene Põldemaa, Estonia - MTÜ Islander